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You are a company with 5-50 employees or upto 2.000 assets

iOSXpert Business auf Mac & iPhone

software provider

Use of the smartphone app, flexible cloud solution and identification of the systems using a QR label.

The iOSXpert company sells the Daylite business software. Daylite is the world's leading CRM system for Mac, iPad and iPhone, from contact management to project management. iOSXpert supports companies that want to organize themselves with Apple® products and offers comprehensive process advice. iOSXpert supports small and medium-sized companies from various industries in over 70 countries.

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FutureTV Group


A remote workshop was set up for the project implementation of the software in order to address the individual requirements of the Future TV Group and to take existing processes within the ITEXIA software into account. It was decided to use the flexible cloud version. For the initial identification, labels with QR codes were used. Quickly scanned with the smartphone, named and mapped in the ITEXIA software. In the future, the company would like to manage all IT-relevant systems as well as software licenses and GWGs in the inventory software.

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Beach Majors Volleyball Series

Sports Event and Tournament

In order to manage and guarantee the success of relocating the complete event with all it's equipment several times a year, the media communication agency ACTS Group needed the possibility to digitally manage the entire inventor. The decision was easy, so the entire equipment for the Beach Major Series is now managed using the ITEXIA -Software.

Now the person in charge can flexibly control and record the assignment of the inventory to warehouses, containers or the current locations at any time and regardless of location.

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Medium sized companies

You are a company with 51-400 employees or upto 5.000 assets.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Koblenz

business & industry association

"Right from the first presentation it was obvious to us that ITEXIA is very well positioned with their inventory manager in the area of digital asset inventory. What impressed us was the flexibility and adaptability of the software. In addition, ITEXIA provides us with an important interface to our central master data system. You can tell that the company stands behind the application and invests in it. There is a lot of intelligence in it, which is based on the practical requirements of each customer. "

Harald Sturm, Head of IT and Organization

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Hospital Spremberg


At the start of the project between ITEXIA GmbH and the Spremberg hospital, the connections to the Diamant accounting system and the internal administration tool for medical technology were sucessfully implemented.

The Spremberg hospital uses scanners with the highest hygienic requirements for the inventory of all systems. This way, a hospital-appropriate system inventory and inventory management was ensured from the hardware selection to the implementation.

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Berlin Metropolitan School


The Berlin Metropolitan School is the oldest international school in the center of Berlin. 1000 students from 52 nations study at the private school according to the local curriculum amongst the best international programs.

With the introduction of the ITEXIA software, the aim was to obtain a central inventory software for all areas of the company. In coordination with the customer, the software and the scanner app were configured and installed according to the specifications of the school management (recording of all school and office furniture, size, article numbers, etc.).

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Large enterprises

You are a company or group with more than 400 employees.


food sector

Maggi GmbH uses the ITEXIA SAP interface for the R / 3 and SAP Hana versions. The automatic data exchange with the asset accounting SAP FI-AA enabled a complete solution for the implementation, evaluation and management of all assets.

Furthermore, the manual effort is minimized by 80% through the use of industrial scanners for simple inventory. In addition, labels with barcodes or QR codes are automatically generated from ITEXIA according to the requested layout.

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Kreissparkasse München


Kreissparkasse Munich Starnberg Ebersberg is one of the largest banks in Germany. In the course of digitizing many internal processes, the Kreissparkasse decided in favor of the web-based inventory solution from ITEXIA GmbH.

The aim was to be able to manage every inventory item within the main headquarters and each individual branch in a central inventory solution. In addition, the inventory is simplified by the automatic comparison and the standardized interface between ITEXIA software and OSPlus.

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Carl Zeiss AG


With the introduction of the Fixed Asset Management software and the inventory manager from ITEXIA, several economic goals were pursued. Optimizing the time and cost savings in the overall process, the clear identification of the inventory items, the transparent presentation and management of all data and allocation of the inventories / items according to location, building and rooms, and of course the digital and efficient management of all information.

The digitization of inventory management and system inventory now enables Carl Zeiss AG to achieve cost savings of more than 80%.

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